Man, It Makes Me So Mad

MAKES ME SO ANGRY when I hear people arguing about the so-called Affordable Care Act. (In an aside, have you ever known any name any legislature has given to any bill to accurately reflect either the intent or the actual effect of the law that eventuated?) Everybody seems to miss the point. It’s not whether the fine is a tax or a fine. It’s not whether the individual mandate is constitutional or not (though, still, it’s not). It’s that Congress does not now nor has it ever had the lawful authority to legislate in the matter at all. That it has nevertheless done so in the past is no good reason to allow this outrage to stand. That’s not prudence or modesty, it’s dumb obstinance in error. Pure fallacy. The solution is not to add insult to injury, but rather to pull Congress back out of the realm where it has no brief to go. No legislation in the matter of private arrangments between citizens — in any matter.

Good luck with that.

So… what? You just throw your hands up and surrender? Well, I don’t accept that, Dolly. You don’t get to waive my rights. It doesn’t work that way.

Actually, I think it does. At least, that’s the way it looks from here.

You’re not helping.

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