Man, I Hate Networking!

SEEMS LIKE NO matter how hard I try to be prepared, exercise due diligence, read all the manuals in advance, understand the implications, networking in a new device always ends up in a marathon session of caffeine drinks at 1:00 AM and face-plant crashes on the keyboard.

So Kindle came down under a hundred bucks last Wednesday. I ordered one. Hell, order two. The wife is a reader, too, and would like to have one.

I took advantage of the one-month trial of Amazon Prime to get it here Friday.

Got home Friday night and started in trying to get the things to the point you could A) read content on them and 2) get new content.

Step one: enable WiFi.

18 hours later…

No. Seriously. I just finished getting the WiFi enabled on both Kindles at, like, 9:00 this morning.

The good news is that, once that’s done, the rest of it’s a breeze. But it was a royal pain getting the Kindles to talk to our home WiFi router. And, of course, all the jiggery-pokery with the NICs caused my computers to forget how to connect to the Internet, so that was a momentary albeit secondary panic.


How’s your day, so far?

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