Mama Mia Culpa

JUST TO GET OUT IN FRONT of the scandal, I want to let everybody know that Toni and I went back out to Ikea in Westchester (or, as the sign on the exit ramp says, West Ohio Chester). Despite my vow to never buy furniture for myself there, I actually colluded in the purchase of three club-ish chairs for use at Casa d’Alger.

Three chairs.


For those of you in Port St. Lucie, that means that each chair is cheap enough that, if it REALLY sucks and we can’t find anybody to foist it off onto, we can kick it to the curb with few if any regrets or even qualms.

I still think their cabinetry sucks big dead donkey dicks and I won’t have any of THAT.

On a related note: when I grow up, I want to be Norm Abram. Or, at least, have his workshop.

Update: It seems The New Yankee Workshop is going off the air. While I imagine it will remain a valuable property for a little while, the dearth of new product spells its eventual doom. So, if you ever wanted to get videos and/or plans of stuff you saw on the show, you better get it while it lasts.

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