Major Milestone Reached—Sorta

AS I SAID IN the apologia post yesterday, I was >||< this close to getting the drawers in and finished. No more. They're in. They open and close. They will hold the contents for which they were designed. As I also observed, serial failures of subsystems can grind you down to the point where your initial idealism and perfectionism will no longer carry you forward, and you have to rely on a dogged determination to just. Get. It. Done. Anyoldway.

Actually, that makes it sound worse than it is. But still…

The bottoms of the drawers barely stay in their dadoes. No. That’s a lie. In some cases, they’re not IN the dado. Not even remotely. Because some fuzzwit cut the boards too small. AGAIN. And said, “Fuck it!” and nailed strips of wood around the bottoms of the drawer boxes to extend the slots. In a couple of cases, I actually can’t figure out what went wrong, as — according to my measurements, the damned things should fit perfectly. But they don’t.


The action of the slides is nowhere near as neat, keen, and groovy as the ones that came in the Kraft Maid cabinets in Toni’s desk. Boo Hoo. They’re still pretty smooth. And they have a little “lock” feature at the back end of their travel.

Which doesn’t always engage. Must be due to installation error, because, when you play with just the slide, it works fine every time.


The countertop is level. Well, close. The drawers are level. Well… yeah. Close. And I’m pretty sure that, when I laid out the fronts on the drawers, they went on square. But the “lap” drawer on the northernmost cabinet distinctly lists to port. Or is it starboard?

I guess it depends on which end of a drawer you consider to be the bow.


Given’s I live inside your head, I’m not sure how I could get it wrong.

I could write it that way.

Yeah. But, on some level, I’d still know.

No. I’d have to write that, too.

Like you’re doing now?

OK. This is entirely too self-referential.

I’m pretty sure I can fix all the problems. And not with a piece of trim, (pace, Og), either.

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