Lying With Numbers

IF AMERICA IS 5% of the world’s population and consumes 25% of the world’s resources (since some portion of those resources must inevitably come from America, I can’t see that fairly being counted against the total, but what do you want to bet those spewing this canard do throw that in the pot)…

What percentage of the world’s goods does America produce directly? What percentage is produced in other countries (providing the locals with jobs) by American-based capital? What percentage of global production is bought — purchased — by Americans?

What percentage of the world’s food supply is grown here in America? How much of that uses energy generated here? What percentage of American resources finds its way overseas? (I’m thinking timber shipped to lumber mills in Asia, here.)

When someone throws the first two figures at you without reference to any of the others, you may rest assured his intent is to deceive you.

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