Looking at All the Items Mandated

TO BE COVERED under the so-called “Affordable” (What a larf!) Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare), I have to conclude that this bundling scheme was…

Wait! “Bundling?”

Yeah. That’s what the mandated coverage provisions are — bundling. They make single males in their 20s pay for female contraceptives, mammograms, prostate checks, and Parkinson’s coverage (for examples), which he won’t need or even want for some time down the road, if ever at all. In aid of making those goods “affordable” for people who will want or need them at some time in their lives. And they make females in their 20’s pay for low-T treatments and flu shots for middle-aged diabetics, and aging grandparents pay for pre-natal care, and all the other distortions of the market.

But they want cable companies to unbundle their channels!

Dolly, you can’t expect consistency from people who think that there’s a moral dissonance between opposition to abortion and support for the death penalty. You just can’t. They probably can’t do math without taking their shoes off, either. You can’t expect adherence to rules from people who think that people who insist on following the rules (i.e. the Constitution) are extremist nutbars. You just can’t.

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