THE NRA HAS LOST IT There’s no other explanation. In Ohio, they have endorsed Ted Strickland, the incumbent Democrat, over John Kasich, the Republican challenger.

Imprimus: The Second Amendment is a liberty issue. It’s purpose is to enshrine the right of defense of liberty — the free state … the state of being free … liberty.

Secundus: The Democrat Party is manifestly anti-liberty. All its acts — words and deeds — clearly demonstrate this as undeniable fact.

Tertius: It doesn’t matter how an individual Democrat may vote on Second Amendment issues. He will be captive of the party on overall issues of liberty. A “good” vote on the right to keep and bear arms is in effect a smokescreen, a red herring. It is meaningless in the larger picture.

QED: Support for any Democrat amounts to support for a diminution of the right to keep an bear arms. This is the fatal flaw of all single-issue action.

I know this is sloppy and needs to be streamlined. But I also feel it needs to be said, however poorly I may have done so. Especially today. Voting for a Democrat because the NRA has endorsed him/her is a fool’s move.

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