Look: The TSA Is Unconstitutional

CONGRESSS DOESN’T HAVE the authority to bypass the Fourth Amendment without further amending the Constitution. And the kinds of intrusions and outrages being practiced on travelers to make them mouth off at the inspectors are precisely the kinds of intrusions and outrages the Framers had in mind when writing our founding documents. If the TSA screeners don’t like the complaints, they should look for other employment.

Robert Heinlein wrote, “Beware of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors — and miss.” There’s a whole treatise on liberty and the overweening state in that — well — heinleined tutorial. Free men have the right to resist the importunings of the state with lethal force. But, as Machiavelli warns, if you strike at the king (or the king’s man), be sure you kill him. Do not leave a wounded enemy in your rear. But also remember that the state has bigger guns and more of them, and is not afraid to abuse its power — especially not in these latter days of the waning so-called “Progresssive” movement, where, when desperation must, force majeur drives.

No, as I’ve said before, you will never bring the TSA to heel until you bring the airline industry to its knees. Indeed, that may be the intent.

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