Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair

BOREPATCH ALWAYS has something to say, and generally says it well. I don’t comment nearly as often as I should, because I really don’t have much to add. And, true, Wednesday’s essay is no exception. But I have a tangent to throw on the pile.

Jackstraws: yeah.

That’s not a tangent; that’s a non sequitur.

Right. That wasn’t my tangent. This is:

I have a solution to the problem of an overwhelmingly large Federal Bureaucracy. It is one that will be viewed and demogogued as draconian (by people with no clue how the actual Draco would have dealt with them), but I view that as a feature. You can tell when you’ve made a hit when your opponent yelps at the sting.

Freeze Federal spending. No baseline budgeting, no current-services baseline. Freeze. Not one dollar more next year than this.

Disable (opposite of Enable) those departments viewed In the Right as being dedicated to unconstitutional purposes. Render without force those regulations the department has promulgated via the Federal Register. Don’t shut them down, simply remove their authority to act. Forbid their bureaucrats to interact with the public. Freeze their budgets. Freeze their hiring. Allow their work force to draw down by attrition. Permit those who remain to serve out their careers in office at their current levels of compensation and benefits — no increases. Permit them to draw the benefits promised them. But deny them any purpose or future in their vocations. Nor may they be hired by any government department left enabled.

No. New. Spending. New revenues are to go toward paying off the national debt — including unfunded obligations, such as Social Security and Medicare.

What departments would be on your list?

What do you reckon we could save?

Politicians talk about hard choices, about having to make the politically tough decisions. Do you suppose, if the people demanded this with the kind of clarity shown this week in Missouri, those choices would be a tad less hard? Politically… more tender?

People threaten that we cannot vote the leviathan state out of existence. How sweet would it be to prove them wrong?

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