Look at it This Way

THAT SO-CALLED “Certificate of Live Birth” looks and sounds to me an awful lot like the cardboard temporary tags they give you when you buy a car: something to get you by until your official documents happen. You can go about your daily life without being hassled for not having crossed all the bureaucratic i’s and dotted all their t’s. The CoLB is like that. “We acknowledge that before us at this moment is a male child, presented as the son of so-and-so, according to the testimony of his parents (whose veracity we have no present reason to doubt). This certificate is to stand in lieu of a proper birth certificate until one can be obtained from the child’s birth jurisdiction.”

I’m not even going to claim that, forty-odd years ago, his parents had the intent to defraud the American people.

I’m just saying it doesn’t look to me like a legitimate birth certificate. And, according to what I hear from the bureaucratic functionaries in Hawaii, that’s the exact read.

Yet, Zero has yet to produce an actual birth certificate. And all the stonewalling and persiflage thrown up in defense is far from persuasive. Or, rather, it is quite persuasive, just not of Zero’s case.

Of course, this really drives the leftists nutso. They tried and tried to steal the 2000 election, and still think they should have succeeded. And now we in the Right are making a far more credible case that they did steal the 2008 election — albeit not by voter fraud. At least… not so’s anybody can tell fer sure.

But, agnostic as I am on the question, I find more to credit the challengers in the Left’s resistance than in the challengers’ own case.

And my suspicious meter REALLY pins when judges start telling U.S. citizens that they do not have standing to bring a constitutional challenge. There’s a public official who’s self-impeaching.

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