Live by the Appeal to Authority

DIE BY THE APPEAL TO AUTHORITY when the authority figure is shown to be a naked emperor, practicing to deceive.

Eric S. Raymond extracts this from the archive rapidly coming to be known as Climategate II.

What we’re seeing in these emails is exactly the phenomenon I described; the “team” launched an error cascade that is now hooked into green-shirt political agendas. Peter Thorne: “The science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it which for all our sakes might not be too clever in the long run”.

Thorne also confirmed what I’ve written about several times on this blog: “Observations do not show rising temperatures throughout the tropical troposphere unless you accept one single study and approach and discount a wealth of others. This is just downright dangerous.”

That is, the CRU team itself understands that empirical confirmation for greenhouse warming is lacking. The atmosphere is not doing what the AGW models predict. “Basic problem is that all models are wrong”, writes Phil Jones, bluntly, “not got enough middle and low level clouds.”

That’s a fitting epitaph for anthropogenic global warming.

While none of this is any surprise to anyone who has actually — you know — done the homework, (as opposed to accepting what Algore blathers on about “the scientific consensus”), I still have a couple-few questions.

And, while I agree we should be gracious in victory — with the aim of making converts away from the watermelon agenda and toward something more consonant with good stewardship of natural resources and our environment — I still want to know when the fraud trials will begin.

These people have taken public monies under false pretenses for positively decades, all the while (as in the case of the odious James Hansen) flaunting their disregard for law in their zeal to put over their human-hating agenda.

They have lied to everybody on the planet but each other, and done irreparable damage to the commercial ecology of the world with their witless insistence on useless and feckless action to remediate the non-problem of global warming. Already, dislocations in food supply and disaster remediation (DDT, anyone?) have cost countless lives — Warmists Lied, People Died.

And it’s not as though the falsity of their claims has not been known and exposited all along. No one (except the willfully ignorant) can claim they didn’t know. We. Warned. You. From the first time I heard the phrase”Global Warming” I knew it was a crock. Nothing I’ve learned since has dissuaded me. And, unlike a LOT of people, I’ve actually gotten down into the raw data and the metadata. Wassamattawitchoo, bunkie?

So when do Mann and Jones, et al, get perpwalked out by the men in dark suits in stuffed into nondescript vans with black logos on the sides? Hmmm? What’s the fine Algore’s gonna face when his trial starts, and how breathlessly is the CNN bubbleheadedbleachblonde going to tell you about it?

And, then, there’s the matter of: what do we get to call the odious smarms who’ve taken such delight in calling skeptics deniers? What name for the credulous?

Update: Jeebus Cripes on a Rhebus! They’re trying it already and anyway! Some people are trying to defend CAGW.

“I have yet to see anything in these e-mails that disproves, or even seriously undermines, the basic claim that human emissions of greenhouse gases have contributed to a gradual warming of the climate and will continue to do so in the future.”

–Jonathan Adler at the Volokh Conspiracy

Aitch. Eff. See! How frigging stupid do you have to be? How wedded to a disproven notion? It’s just fucking stunning!

Look! The data doesn’t show it. The models are bunk — freely admitted by the principal proponents of the thing. Why would you even TRY to defend it past that point? Are you that embedded in the relentless drive to slavery and death that you MUST support the socialist cause at any cost, including your own public credibility? Whether that’s your intent or not, that’s the end result of continuing to support this failed, falsified conjecture.

Shorter Adler: It’s all a fraud, as the fraudsters have now admitted, but there’s nothing here to convince me that they’re wrong.


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