Live Blogging the Thunderstorm

WITH THE TORNADO in Joplin, all of Tornado Alley, from the Rockies to the Appalachians, is on notice that Tornado season is underway in earnest.

It’s God’s own air-conditioning system — circulation, cooling, humidity control, insertion of healthful ions into the air…

The Tornado warning has 15 minutes to run. The temperatures have dropped 10 degrees in the last half-hour — probably more and faster, but that’s what the official readings say. From being warm and muggy, the air has gone to cold and dank.

You can time the distance by the sound-speed lag as the storm moves off to the East.

Open the windows and cool down the house.

At least we didn’t lose power — this time.

And JUST as I type that, a lightning strike hits very close — maybe up on top of our hill here. Scares the cats. Serves me for getting cocky.

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