Listening to Sound Bites

FROM THE HEALTH care summit on the radio, I get the impression that the Democrats are suprised that the Republicans are as fesity as they are. I think they thought they could steamroller them. Obama in particular seems unable to deal with resistance.

That said, I still maintain that the GOP congresscritters are taking the wrong tack. Strategically, once you start arguing minutiae, you’ve conceded the enemy’s case — that there is a legitimate cause to be legislated on, here. And there is not.

I think the case could be made to Mr. and Mrs. America (and all the ships at sea) like thusly:

When you and your family play a game of Monopoly around the kitchen table on family game night, the rules are printed inside the lid of the box the game comes in. And you play by those rules. You may agree among yourselves to amend those rules. I never knew any family that played games together who didn’t. But you do that beforehand. You don’t change the rules willy nilly in the middle of the game. That’s not fair play. It’s un-American.

The Constitution is the rules in the boxtop for the game of America.

And the Constitution does not permit Congress to legislate on matters such as health care, and it does not permit Congress to require the People to purchase any product.

And what Congress is not permitted to do, it is forbidden to do.

What Congress is bent on doing is against the law. It is in violation of the rules of the game. It is cheating. If Congress wants to legistlate on health care, it must first amend the Constitution.

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