Listening to Sarah!

ON RUSH ON TUESDAY it occurs to me that, when people wish someone like Rush were to run for office, and when (for the sake of discussion) Rush, for example, says, “I could never get elected because I’d tell the truth,” what you’re seeing and hearing from Sarah! is exactly that truth. And that’s what delights so about her to people who are jaded and weary of internecine party politics. She’s speaking truth to power and it makes the powerful nervous. She’s real, genuine, a happy warrior, and that threatens the cynical and morose. She’s not trying to couch her truths in terms palatable to the center as defined by the Northeast Establishment bubbleheads, because her truths are the truths of the great American center — the real center, not the faux left-leaning center that the chattering classes and the Democrat party would like you to perceive.

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