Leftist Straw Man

IF YOU DON’T know chapter and verse of the exact bill being voted on in Congress (And, since it’s incomplete — as though that mattered — they can’t very well be voting on anything with substance, now can they?), then you’re not allowed to have an opinion.

Bzzzt! Wrong again, Beagle-Breath.

I don’t need to know the exact details of the bill to know it’s nowhere near what I want, and what I know is the only sane solution to the — scorn quotes — “crisis” in health care costs in this country.

The crisis has been brought about deliberately, as a matter of policy, by collectivists of all stripes in both parties, as the end goal of a decades long, relentless drive to a totalitarian state, of which state-run medicine is a primary feature. The calculus is that people can be panicked into agreeing to that which they would resolutely resist, given the time and space to make calm and rational decisions.

Except that, after so many decades of permitting and acceding to scheme after con after fraud, the American public is tired of being herded by panic merchants like so many sheep, and are starting to hit back.

What I want — and the only program I will accept is this: 1) a total repeal of all government controls over medicine; the removal from the Internal Revenue Code those perverse incentives which enslave all Americans to third-party payors for their medical needs; the repeal of Medicare and Medicaid; the dismantlement of the Veterans Administration system to be replaced by GI BIll-style grants to be spent by the veterans themselves on their choice of medical care and providers. 2) The elimination of all mandatory and coercive controls over providers of medical goods and services, the weakening of the FDA to a purely advisory role somewhat like the Microsoft Windows logo certification program. 3) Constitutional amendments forbidding state or federal intermeddling in private, consensual transactions involving no infringements of third-party rights, coercion or fraud.

And, since there is no way any Democrat Congress or President will ever agree to such a program, I feel pretty safe in assuming that whatever is coming out of Congress will be a massive boondoggle, a payoff to cronies of those in power, a general grab for more money and power, an infringement at best on my liberty, and just generally something I won’t like.

Prove me wrong.

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