Leftist Sleight of Hand

YOU SHOULD NEVER watch the hand that’s out front and waving. Always watch the one that’s held back, in reserve, is doing things in pockets and the cuffs of shirt sleeves. The hand-waving is to distract you from the real trick.

All the who-struck-John being spewed about by the Usual Suspects dancing in the victims’ blood is meant to distract you. You’re supposed to react in outrage to their — well — outrageous claims. You’re supposed to spend your energy rebutting their risibly false assertions.


Focus instead on the next thing — the statist drive to muzzle opposition speech and disarm the citizenry. Before the anaesthetic in the operating rooms has had time to clear from the lungs of the wounded, Democrats called for Federal limits on “incendiary political rhetoric,” blame the massacre on the “too-easy availability of killer weapons.”

There’s your problem.

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