KPax or Whatever

HIS NAME IS on the Glenn Beck Show has got his head up his ass, and I don’t mind saying so. He seems to think Palin’s resignation is some sort of mistake. Mebbe so. But his reasoning is specious. Because other politicians wouldn’t? Because the conventional wisdom is she’ll be labeled a quitter? Bullshit, balderdash, bollocks!

The whole appeal of Palin to the base is that she is not a business-as-usual pol.

Besides, “conventional pols always do thus-and-so” is, to the mind of most “normal” Americans is pretty much a prescription for doing the opposite. So what if the chattering classes label la Palin as a quitter. The vast middle of America has written them off, too.

And he keeps saying that she has more power as a governor than as a private citizen. Except: if the enemy (And make no mistake about it, the left-whinge extremist ankle-biters tying her down are the enemy.)… if the enemy keeps you tied down, prevents you from maneuvering by inflicting death-of-a-thousand-cuts attacks on you, reducing your effectiveness to 20% (or worse), how is that more powerful that having the freedom to maneuver, to speak the truth as you see it and let the chips fall where they may? Can’t very well do that if you have an official-type office to uphold.

Sun Tzu teaches that if your enemy attacks from the high ground, do not oppose him. I’m not saying that the ankle-biters have the moral high ground. But they do/did hold a superior tactical position. But, once shed of the constraints of office — which did not appear to be a strategic advantage; not if the enemy could reduce her effectiveness by 80%, she may believe she has a better chance against them — more room to maneuver, a wider range of weapons and tactics to choose from, better cover available for her family, more and better strategic resources available.

The more I hear about this — especially from carpers and cavilers on both sides of the aisle — the more I think this is probably a brilliant strategic move. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

One thing I do think you need to remember: this lady is a big-game hunter and has fished in the waters of the deadliest catch. She has big brass balls. Her enemies underestimate her at their peril.

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