K-Lo, Posting at CNN.com

ADVISES INCOMING NEWBIE congresscritters (Doncha just love the way everybody in Washington tries to co-opt the newcomers?) …

These are tough political, financial, and economic times. They’re also ethically arduous. Yet, the road to solutions can be a minefield for those who do not keep their moral compass firmly in hand.

On the one hand — the road to solutions being a minefield — she could not be more right, on the other — ethically arduous — she could not be more wrong.

The difficulty of the times is the resistence we in the Right face from the forces of the old, perverted, corrupt status quo in trying to clean up. But conceptually, it’s simple: if it’s dirty, it gets cleaned up.

A decade ago, I bought a white car. A neighbor tut-tutted, “A white car! They’re so hard to keep clean!” My answer then and now is, “No. A white car is easy to keep clean. What’s hard is to keep it dirty.”

Just so with the mess we’re in, (Ronaldus Magnus’ definition of “status quo.”). The hard thing isn’t cleaning it up. The hard thing is that so many don’t want it cleaned up. They benefit from the corruption, the moral and fiscal murkiness, the malappropriation of funds, the obfuscation of fiduciary responsbilities. They are not all, but are nearly so, Democrats. They should be called on it.

Rather than lecture newcomers on How Things Are in Washington, Ms. Lopez should be lecturing the old hogs how the new broom is going to change things — and how said hogs had better change, or get slaughtered. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) (For now.)

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