Kitten Update: Tuesday

MONDAY BEING A HOLIDAY we had a lighter work schedule than usual and spent a righteous portion of the day napping. Well… I did, anyway. Toni actually went into work. Go thou and figger.

Sometime during my late afternoon-to-early evening nap, Toni woke me up with a forefinger to the lips and pointed down at the other corner of the bed. I lifted my head and beheld…

Loki. Grooming Lady Jane.

And a moment later, mirable dictu, Elwood clambered up on the bed and got him some of that, too.

Also, this evening, we observed Karma actually playing tag with the kittens. And — was it Jazz? — grooming Jane.

Oliver is still a tad standoffish. Maybe he’s tired of being the maiden-aunt-good-with-the-children. Or maybe he’s just taking longer to adjust. But it does appear the old hands are coming — grudgingly — to accept the newbies.

Now, today, we’re back to work. Which changes the whole daytime dynamic. Should be interesting to see how they get along.

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