Keep Hope Alive

A GREAT WRITING GURU — I forget which one at the moment — once averred that a writer does not write for money or even to express himself. A writer writes because he can’t not write.

Oh, sure. Everybody gets bored with it now and then. I, for one, have worked at my day job two days out of the last ten, and the resulting freedom has allowed me to let most matters go to hell while I obsess on the Great Study Project. And, as a net result, I haven’t blogged much. But I don’t believe that signals a permanent end to my blogging. I’m not sure one is possible. Even were I to lose this site — due to a need to economize in the coming Obama Depression, for example — I would still write. I might not write topical bitching about the news of the day, but I would write.

Awhile back, Kim and Connie du Toit announced that they would be shutting down their respective blogs as of — well — last Sunday. Connie has been a muse behind the scenes to a rather large armful of bloggers I could name, but — WTF — let them out themselves. If “out” is the right term. Kim has been a big-name fixture of the blogosphere since I can remember, although it turns out he hasn’t been blogging much longer than I. Just goes to show you what quality content will get you.

Don’t get so full of yourself, Alger.


With your implyin’ that quality content is the reason for your longevity and not just mule-headed refusal to admit defeat.

Oh! No. I meant Kim’s quality content is why he has problems paying the bandwidth bill while I might as well not even try to run ads for lack of traffic.

Yeah. Don’t rub it in that I’m the webmistress of this little dive.

But you degrease.

But I degrease.

Monday afternoon, I was looking at something else on my own BugSplat site (OK, I wanted to compare my blogroll back then with now — to see who was still around and who was gone), when I realized that, right there, at the bottom of the front page, in the kind of post I used to call an Ellipses, is this note from about this time five years ago:

That I note Connie has a black-boxed notice atop her blog stating that she’s stopped blogging. I expressed my sorrow in the comment thread, and must agree that it’s a shame that the ones who can express it so eloquently are the ones who tire. I do, however, understand.

I think that was two or three quits ago.

I’m not going to whinge about the sudden cutoff of the free milk. Yeah, Kim and Connie have provided some wonderful reading material over the years. But I’m not so churlish as to wish them anything but well and hope they enjoy the relief of not having to come up with something every day. Nor am I going to snark, “You’ll be back,” though I believe that will eventually prove out. I’ll just keep hoping that someday down the road, they’ll see fit to share a little note now and again as to what’s on their minds.

Happy trails ’til then.

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