Just So We Don’t Look Like

WE’VE GONE ALL DEAD-air on you…

The clementines from California appear to be luscious this season. It’s coming on the time of year when fresh citrus starts showing up in the produce sections of your grocery. And the clementine mandarin oranges packaged under the brand name California Cuties are particularly juicy and tart.

Of course, if the eco-nazi terrorists of the Left coast have their way with Lady Liberty, you won’t be able to have fresh citrus in the winter unless you live within 50 miles of the groves. You see, they think that produce which travels farther than that to market is evilll. And you shouldn’t be allowed to buy it. Doesn’t matter if it’s cheaper. Doesn’t matter if it’s better use of land. (Not saying it is, just saying the watermelons don’t appear to care.) Doesn’t matter if the mode of transport — rail — is a lefty favorite and the most cost effective and fuel-efficient on a gallons-per-ton-per-mile basis. It takes so-called “fossil” fuels to drive the transport, and THOSE exhaust carbon dioxide, so they have to go.

Doesn’t matter their all-important article of faith is the scientific fraud of the age. You’re not to have your citrus.

So, enjoy that scurvy.

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