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What would fish be doing in a barrel?


Nevermind. Sorry I interrupted.

Lots of people have noticed that Vice President Joe “The Stupidest Man in the Senate — EVER” “Plugs” Biden is guilty of … well, I don’t know … just stupid I guess … when he asserts that increasing funding for police and fire will stop rape and murder.

Now, da Doll has been in a lot of situations where her life or virtue was at risk from physically superior assailants.

And — lest you regular readers need to be reminded of it — da Doll is an actual sworn, armed officer of the law — technically. Got a gold badge and everything.

‘N’ I don’t really fancy that payin’ me any more would have made the situation any more — you know — survivable at any particular juncture.

‘N’ I also can cypher it pretty easy — since I did and it did
— that, were I to call for backup, it would take longer for assisting officers to get there than it would have taken to kill me, if I were powerless to resist.

Wouldn’t have mattered how many officers there were on the force total, or on that ‘tic’l’r shift, ’cause the important factor was the time to on-scene, and that’s pretty much fixed at — as I say — longer’n it’d take t’ kill me.

So, considering the desirability of having moi here to ‘splain this to you, it’s really lucky that I didn’t rely on backup to save me, that I had my service weapon on my person, was trained in its use, and was able to keep enough of my cool to assist my assailants in assuming room temperature.

So the point here is that, were the Veep and Mr. O really and truly interested and concerned for potential victims of rape and murder, they wouldn’t lie to you and tell you that temporarily hiring more cops with tax money we don’t have (remember: 40% of the budget is borrowed money) (OK, no budget, so not of the budget, but of the money the government misappropriates and spends unlawfully, but still … FORTY PERCENT!) will save you from someone bent on fucking you up in ANY sense, and instead encourage you to buy a gun and learn how to use it.

This has been da Doll, piling on.

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