Just for the Record

I WANT IT TO BE KNOWN here and now that I would welcome — be proud to be included — to be placed on the NAS’s blacklist of deniers of the CAGW climate “science.” As Joanne Nova puts it:

A shameful day in the history of science. The once esteemed National Academy of Science is reduced to pagan witchcraft: point the bone at the blacklist, count the tea-leaf-citations, put on your funny hat and make a prophesy about the weather.

Some critics are saying the survey is flawed because it uses artificial groupings. Artificial be damned — the survey is flawed because it’s a waste-of-time work of anti-science for even existing. Science is not a democracy. Natural laws don’t form because anyone says so, and the only way to find out the answer is to … look at the evidence. Doh.

Of course, since I’m not credentialed, I’m not worthy of the attention of so august a body of shamans as the National Academy of “Science.” To include me would be to recognize the truth of my contention that a rudimentary understanding of a Fifth Grade Science course in elementary physics and the weather is sufficient to handily dispose of the CAGW conjecture.

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