Just Because I Didn’t Doesn’t

MEAN I WOULDN’T HAVE if I had had the notion — say I told you so. Simon says of the destruction of both the timber industry and the habitat of the northern spotted owl:

By destroying the forestry industry in the Pacific Northwest the government also destroyed the habitat for the bird it was trying to protect.
The reality of government in action.

Now, I am always willing to stipulate that there may be a place for government action. However, on close examination of particular cases, I am almost always forced to admit that … not so much in this particular case.


Well, Dolly… It’s an attempt at precision. Or honesty, at least. I don’t know of a countervailing case, but sensible consideration demands that the possibility exists that there may be one. Which is why all the stats don’t add up to 100%. Y’know?

Something your tendentiously mendacious leftist will never stipulate.

Never say, “Never.”


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