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IN A HEMI-DEMI-SEMI-RESPONSE to something said in a comment thread (which has gone on FAR too long) on another blog. Said response also being off-topic.

Everything you say is off-topic. It’s your approach to life.

YOU, young lady, have NO room to talk!

Well. At least, I know where I get it from. How about you, Mr Author?

ANY. Wayyy.

Why is it, whenever a male of the species expresses admiration for a female of the species as “love” (as in, “I love you!”), bystanders automatically assume he means it as a desire for ownership for the purposes of reproduction?

And, if said female has committed herself to a permanent, monogamous relationship, said bystanders can’t seem to respect her autonomous choice as such and always interject, “She’s taken.” As though “she” were a prize to be fished out of the bottom of a cereal box? (Sealed in FDA-approved-for-food-contact wrapping paper.)

Can’t we, as individualists, express admiration for another individual, without regard to sex?

If that question isn’t rhetorical…

It is.

…In a word, “No.”

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