Jumped the Shark Indeed

ECO-FASCISM HAS always been a bit of a death cult. You can’t, after all, reduce the world’s population to its so-called “carrying capacity” without breaking a few eggs. It’s revealing, however, that the more people realize how much of the watermelon* agenda (as opposed to true conservation and pollution abatement) is a load of utter bollocks, the more snarling, wicked, homicidal and misanthropic the die hard eco-fascists become. Keep it in mind the next time somebody asks you do to some mindless going-through-the-motions bit of theater. You may think it witless and funny, but they’re deadly serious.

You may not be interested in ecology, but ecology is interested in you.**

Very apropos, Dolly.

::preens:: Thenk yew.

*Watermelon — referring to eco-weenies, describes them as red on the inside and green on the out, a “front,” in the Marxist revolutionary parlance. ** Paraphrasing Trotsky (or close enough for our purposes), who — apparently paraphrasing someone else himself — is reputed to have said, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

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