John Edwards’ Jeopardy

IN HIS PROSECUTION for comingling mistress buyoff and campaign funds is that he might be going to jail. And, for once, I agree with the leftards’ take: it’s just sex.

Instead, how about prosecuting — albeit posthumously — the bastards who saddled us with all these nonsensical and infeasible — scorn quotes — “entitlement” programs?

They lied to us. They acted in breach of their oaths of office. They violated the Constitution. They robbed generations of Americans of their very sustenance. And yet they’re feted, lionized, and richly rewarded when they should have ended their miserable lives in chains and penury.

And that especially includes that wannabe tinpot despot Charles “Chucky” “Chuck-You” Schumer. Putz. The Greedy Hand of Government. Tell you what, Chucky. We’re going to show Congress once and for all that we’re not going to put up with officials acting in flagrant disregard for the Constitution any more. We’re going to — in your words — “stop it: dead.”

How about them apples? Chuck.

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