Jimmuh Cahtuh

SHOULD SHUT HIS PIEHOLE if he had any decency he would but he doesn’t so there.

Two things:

1) If a critic of the President makes a criticism without reference to the President’s race, just who is it that’s the racist when a leftist says it is all about race?

2) Obama is half-white. So howcome the Left automatically parses him as a black man? Why can’t we parse him as a white man? Hmm? Who’s the racist now? The one who says race doesn’t matter, or the one who’s looking for racists under the bed?

Listening to the Carter statement as the day goes on, da Doll can’t help but giggle a little. I mean… How can you take seriously the j’accuse finger pointed at you ‘n’ ever’thin’ when your accuser’s lips just drip with bigotry, his words are packed chock full of ignorance and hate. Like the Maharushee said Wednesday, it’s a clear case of projection.

‘Tis gigglesome.

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