Jeeze! Whatta Maroon!

LEFT-WHINGER Bill Press bitches in the WaPo that leftists can’t get mindshare on the radio in the District of Columbia! Which should tell you something about the viability of their message with radio listeners. I doubt you could find a more compatible pool of listeners to the message. And yet…

Press tries to argue that, in certain markets where there’s a heavy left-leaning political environment, leftist radio is successful, and therefor, this should be more-generally true. But, knowing radio programmers as I do, let me assure you, if there was a market for left-leaning content, it would be on the air. That it is not is an indicator of its viability, despite Press’ claims to the contrary.

And whatever the situation, it takes large brass ones to claim that it’s necessary to introduce government coercion into the marketplace of ideas in order to “level the playing field”.

Aw, hell, Alger! You know that’s a leftist shibboleth meaning, “tilt the playing field in our direction, and move our goalposts 50% closer than the opposition’s.”

Well, yeah, but you have at least pretend to take these guys at face value to illustrate their absurdity.

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