I’ve Remarked Several Times

I THINK TO WONDER at what happened to faith between the ’60s and now. It’s not as though the Baby Boom generation was always inherently anti-theistic. So where did this virulent hatred of faith and the faithful come from? If you study the touchstone of the generation — the popular music — there’s no end of reference to the religious water all these little fishies swam in, from The Beatles “Let it Be” to Matthew Fisher’s organ riffs to Emerson Lake and Palmer’s recasting of the Anglican hymn, “Jerusalem,” to the Moody Blues lyrics:

We look around in wonder
At the work that has been done
By the vision of our father
Touched by his loving son

…in “You and Me.” Even the Rolling Stones’ playing at satantic ritual was a sly nod at godliness, and more of a prank than serious blasphemy. “Sympathy for the Devil” was certainly no song of praise.

And most of us will remember the first spirituals we learned in grammar school, such as “Jesus Met the Woman” (at the link as performed by Peter, Paul, and Mary in concert in 1963.)

All of which train of thought was sparked by Joan of Argghh! in a recent Sunday Sermon.

Which also reminds me you ought to check out what she’s been up to lately, (if you aren’t already). Quite the feast. Joan’s always been good, but she’s mining a vein of something special lately. May it not play out for a long, long time.

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