I’ve Maintained At Least

SINCE THE FIRST time I heard Hillary Clinton typed as the smartest woman in the world that there was no way a leftist could ever be smart. If leftists were smart, I reasoned, they wouldn’t embrace their brain fart pipedream politics. They wouldn’t keep pushing failed nostrums on unfortunate victims. They’d realized that the easiest way to get rich and powerful is to help all of your fellow citizens become rich and powerful themselves — not keep them poor and dependent. They’d realize that the best way to assure your own freedom is to protect the freedom of those around you — not bind and gag them with coercive red tape.

Long story short, if leftists were so smart, they wouldn’t be leftists. Or, as St. Ann puts it, if Democrats had any brains, they’d be Republicans. She does that — say things better than I. That’s why she makes the big bucks. Case in point.

She cuts you up/She cuts you down/She carves up your life…

But she’s not the only one out there good with the blade. Vanderleun performs a fine evisceration of our blatherskite President.

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