I’ve Had Enough

I’m sick and tired of gratuitous Boomer bashing. When we were born is not our fault. That there are assholes who, like the rooster who thought his crowing woke the sun, claim all manner of great and nefarious deeds in every generation is not good reason to tar the entire generation with the same brush. When you use “Boomer” as an insult to denigrate them, you insult me, too. If you are a friend, you’ll stop and consider before you speak.

Be certain you are speaking accurately. Remember that the ’60s counter-culture was not an artifact of the Baby Boom generation. We did not, most of us, come of age until the ’70s and weren’t in any positions of power to influence matters until the’80s — the Reagan years. Those were our years. If you want to blame us for anything, blame us for that.

But, if you want to task us with the British Invasion, remember those guys were all born during the War. And, yes, there was an abysmal divide between even brothers and sisters across those years.

If you want to task us with defeat in Vietnam, remember that most of us were protesting — not so much the war — as the draft, which was seen (per Heinlein) as involuntary servitude and incompatible with American ideals. A considerable portion of my cohort saw the sin in that war to be that we weren’t fighting to WIN. That we blamed on Democrats in Washington. It was the same kind of betrayal we see today from our national government which refuses to recognize the nature and identity of our current enemy — indeed, apologizes to them for our existence.

If you want to call us hippies, by all means go ahead. Just remember what the hip movement was about — individual rights, self-reliance, independence, and liberty. It wasn’t until the (already leftist) media glommed onto it and — as always — got it wrong. And Scott MacKenzie sang that horrible song that a brazilian teenagers descended on San Francisco hoping to hang out and be groovy and ruined it for everybody. Hippies and hard-core revolutionary marxists: two entirely different things.

If you want to tag us with the decrepitude of American media and culture, please remember that was/is the end result of two movements — the Gramscian long march through the institutions, which took over the news media, literature, popular culture, the arts, and education from within, and the explicit instructions post the Russian Revolution from Lenin that international revolutionary Marxists should burrow into and subvert these institutions in the west as a matter of state policy. As the saying goes: not our fault. By the time we came along, it was pretty much fait accompli and all we could do was — as the Bible puts it — kick against the pricks. Which we did aplenty. We also warned the wider world — including the establishment — of the presence of communists in our midsts and operating fronts. But, check it out, the media. Already infiltrated. ::sigh::

If you want to complain to us about the mal-education your kids got, sorry. They tried to subject US to it, too. We were just lucky enough to be taught by the last generation of non-union teachers, who had subject competence and a will to actually TEACH. In the school system I attended, the unions came in in 1968-69 or so. I graduated HS in 1972. In German, there’s a word: geschafft!, which loosely translates as “Whew! Made it!” or “Dodged that bullet!”. Fifteen years later, I had occasion and cause to tease a coworker not all that much younger than I that “They must have waived the literacy requirement for all those [3] degrees of yours.” Things had deteriorated that badly. No. I had nothing to do with it. But, if you had kids in school, did you complain to the board? Write letters to the editors? Campaign for reform candidates? Run for office yourself? Pull your kids out and put them in private school? Home school? OK, then. Let’s hear no more about that. (For the record, we put my grandson in a Catholic high school.)

At the very least, you voted AGAINST every school levy put before you, right? Recognizing that the left-collectivists in control of your school system are mal-appropriating all the funds they get their greedy little mitts on — neglecting physical plant, spending millions on crap curricula, bloated administration positions and salaries, over-generous union-negotiated benefits packages? Didn’t you?

So how in the pluperfect Hell can any of society’s ills be blamed on an entire generation AND ONLY that generation? And, when the attempt is made to lay the blame thus, why should those being blamed sit there and take it?

Remember, when you insult a whole generation, you insult every member of it — even those who may agree with your problem with individual member(s) of it. Remember that, just because a person looks to be of an age, he still may not be a member of a particular age cohort. Be accurate. Are you talking about something that’s factually so? Are you sure? Did you check?

And another thing: If you’re an individualist of any stripe, what the hell are you doing applying collective standards to groups grievances? Isn’t that what the other side does that we object to all the time? Treat the people you encounter with respect as individuals, as you demand of the rest of the world. You’re right to want it for yourself; you are obligated to do so for those around you.

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