I’ve Always Thought

ABOUT THE WHOLE so-called “right-to-die” movement that, like a lot of leftist brainfart pipedreams, that it’s a lot more a “right-to-extort-the-grudging-cooperation-of-a-purposive-life-saving-institution-in-killing-yourself-because-(after-all)-it’s-really-about-destroying-western-civilization,-isn’t-it?” movement. But that won’t fit on a bumper sticker.

But while I’ve been silently screaming it from my mental rooftops because, you know, I wondered if anybody’d listen, this guy has been working the heavy bag and doing the roadwork.

Many of the “rights” which are being promulgated and promoted by today’s secular culture are in reality straw men, fine-sounding proxies for demands and desires far less salutary than they sound. Thus, gay marriage is not about gays getting married (hence the lack of enthusiasm among gay rights advocates for civil unions which provide all the legal benefits of marriage), but is instead an effort to destroy traditional heterosexual marriage as normative in culture, thereby removing not merely legal but cultural restraints on all forms of sexual and relational deviancy. The high standard — heterosexual marriage, with its enormous advantages in the raising of children and establishment of societal self-restraint, morality, and relational stability – must be brought down to the lowest common denominator of any two (or more) people getting “married” – with the sole purpose of muting societal condemnation for self-gratifying, dysfunctional and heterodox partnerships. Unrestricted abortion, a.k.a. “freedom of choice,” is about the uncompromising (albeit delusional) demand for unconstrained sexual license without consequences – especially for women, but also for their sperm donors who want no responsibility for their casual hookups: dispose of the unplanned pregnancy, move on to your next “partner,” and you have achieved the perfect “zipless fuck.”

Just so, the so-called “right-to-die” demands we subvert and pervert the life-maintenance mission of the medical professions.

Talk about your slippery slopes…

Really. Like a levee in January, coated with a foot of glare ice.

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