It’s Organic

AN ITEM ON THE news Thursday — or maybe a news item recycled by Rush — noted what anyone with half a brain and the scientific knowledge of a field mouse already knew, to whit: that so-called — scorn quotes — “organic” foods offer no nutritional advantage over “normal” food. Including the dreaded — shudder — Frankenfood, or genetically modified (GM) crops. (Gregor Mendel, your pea garden is on line seven. Gregor Mendel, line seven.)

And I was minded of the two facts I can still recall from my Sophomore (HS) chemistry class — taught by Mr. Gordon Duvall. First, that any liquid whose chemical formula begins with “H” for hydrogen can fairly be called an acid. (As it will have solvent characteristics and/or a pH in a certain range, usually because of that constituent element.) And second that the definition of an organic molecule is any one containing carbon (symbol: C).

This class was actually called Phys-Chem and it was our elitist prep school’s equivalent of Rocks for Jocks. If you weren’t on a science track, it was the course you took to fulfill your science requirement. The physics portion of the course was taught by a Mr. Don Ankenman, a genuinely iconoclastic individual, who taught me that physics is mosly applied algebra. (And you thought you were never going to have to use it once you got out of school. More the fool you.)

The conclusion is left as an exercise in applied math for the student.

Environmentalist wacko eco-nazi heads exploding in: Three…


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