Need? It’s Not About Need.

I KEEP SEEING all these quotes from Senators arguing in favor of a gun ban asking, “who needs x, y, or z?” To which, I have a couple of observations.

First, needs are a piss-poor determinant of deserts. One can tell a corrupt politician, accustomed to buying votes with money from the public till by this emphasis on needs. It’s not a matter of what someone needs, it’s what they deserve that matters.

Second, the first ten amendments to the Constitution aren’t a Bill of Needs. They are a Bill of Rights. They are also a part of — it says so right here on the side of the box — the supreme law of the land. They are, in a sense, inalienable.

And each and every officeholder, elected or appointed, at all levels of government swears an oath or affirmation to preserve that law.

So let us talk about NEEDS. Congress NEEDS to understand that it is skating on thin ice. The President NEEDS to understand that he does not have lawful legislative authority, and that Executive Orders carry absolutely ZERO weight. The people NEED to make the point that this goes no further. Once the government crosses that line, of directly abrogating the Constitution in the way presently contemplated, they have essentially repealed all of the laws presently extent in this country. We instead become a jungle, ruled by brute force and ruthlessness.

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