It’s Like They Never Even Heard

THE WORD Hubris before…

Love this. In the classic Science Fiction novel, The Door Into Summer (a favorite among cats), Robert Heinlein, by way of explaining the discipline of engineering, argued that you don’t put a propeller on a bathtub just because one is handy. You’re supposed to limit yourself to things that are necessary to the design object’s core task.

Most of leftism strikes me that way; trying to hitch the propeller from a B-25 onto your garden variety claw-foot

So you might imagine what chuckles ensued when I caught the column-top illustration to this post about geo-engineering at Watts Up With That?

Anthoney calls the ideas wacky. I call them stupid and dangerous. Hubris. It’s like these people have never been told a single solitary cautionary tale. Or they think they’re too smart to need to pay attention to all those wheel-inventors who came before them.

Dunno which.

You may read the linked-to article and say, “Well, none of those is serious; nothing to worry about.” But I urge you to reconsider, because these are all serious ideas, floated by reputable scientists. Thirty years ago, it was crazy and wacky to propose that the world’s economy would be — even could be turned upside down on the thin contention that the planet was getting warmer. Yeah. Right.

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