It Would Be a Misreading of the Election

??WTF?? Republicans are from Mars, Communists are from Eta Carinae. Or something.

It’s amazing that the Oh! can pack so much cognitive disconnect into one simple phrase. Even after all these years of listening to his disjointed eructions, he still can bring the flabbergastion.

Re-litigate? I wasn’t aware we’d litigated the thing in the first place. I was more under the impression the Democrats did their level best (which — admit it — is pretty damned good) to keep it from even being known, let alone argued over or discussed or — drooling sarcasm — litigated.

And to claim it would be a misreading of the election to think that’s what the public wants when, from the beginning:

With the signs that awoved, “If you ram it down our throats in ’09, we’ll shove it up your ass in ‘010.” With the universal calls for the legislation to A) be presented as promised, in time for all involved to appropriate and comprehend the sense of it and B) to be debated for at least SOME time before votes;

With the universal calls for an end to earmarks and other logrolling sources of corruption;

With, once the legislation was (illegimately) passed, the universal recognition that it is unconstitutional, won’t work, will be a disastrous failure;

With the universal demands for its repeal;

With the universal speechifying that the Republicans, if elected to a majority in Congress, had better make one of the first orders of business, the repeal of the legislation — even (or especially) in the face of veto threats and/or resistance from the losing side in the election…

With all of that, Obama is delusional enough to argue — with a straight face, mind you — that he doesn’t accept that the American People want this abortion rescinded and pretty damned quick.

Do you really need more proof of his unfitness for office?

We would do well if all Congress did for the next two years were to resist every effort of the administration to do ANYthing.

The Left calls us nuts, feigns to doubt our sanity. But… dayum!

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