It Was Too Late

TO GET IT DONE for the President’s campaign appearance before this week’s joint session of Congress, but I think we should work this diligently.

Get 535 digital recorders. They could be those cheapass keychain things. Don’t need super high fidelity, just enough quality to recognize a speaker’s voice. And they don’t need a record capability, just playback, and plenty of volume. Distribute them to all the Members of Congress.

And they need to be programmed to, when the Play button is pushed, reel off Teddy Kennedy’s rant from the well of the Senate in the runup to Oepration Iraqi Freedom. You know the one:


And, whenever the President says ANYthing, Just Press Play.

Maybe we don’t even need the actual recorders. Just get the meme enough mindspace and all you’ll have to do is say, “Just Press Play”, and people will know what you mean.

Funnily enough, Glenn Beck proposed something similar on his radio program Wednesday.

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