It Was Fifteen Years Ago Today

OK, WELL… YESTERDAY that Chaz went on the air.

It is another age in Internet years. I had made my first Web site — for the Patch Factory — and had already changed my favorite browser from Mosaic to Netscape to Internet Explorer and back to Netscape again. On CompuServe, we were lamenting the webbification of everything, (What use mad leet skilz with Archie and Mehitabel — er, Veronica — in a world where all resources were available at the end of an http: string?) and pining for an era already lost. AOL had bought the place and sponsors were pulling out of fora and heading for www at an all-time record pace.

The word weblog hadn’t yet been coined, but already people were talking about personal Web sites. Me, I wondered, “What would I have to say every day?” I couldn’t imagine that anybody would need more than a handful of static pages to encapsulate their life.


Happy bloggiversary, Chaz. May there be many more, and may they all be blessed.

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