It Should Go Without Saying

AS IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS to all but the self-nominated intellectuals of the world, but it seems to need to be said: Democrats start out operating in bad faith.

They never intend to honor the voice of the people. They seek to subvert the results of elections with endless recounts on the most specious of grounds. They fight unceasingly for their positions to prevail — even when they lose elections by landslides. They engage in intimidation, character assassination, and other dirty tricks when they have convinced themselves that they cannot win the debate on the merits of their positions (pretty much all the time). They engage in ad hominem, post hoc ergo propter hoc, strawman arguments, and so-forth, rather than argue on purely factual bases. When their facts and evidence are refuted or even called into question, they attack the messenger, and rarely even attempt to defend their (false) positions.

They make promises to constituents and prospective supporters they never intend to honor — indeed, must know would be impossible to honor.

You know all this to be true, and yet you continue to support them, even as they lie to your face.


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