It Occurs to Me

(WHICH IS A REALLY BAD headline, because it’s also the post title and the URL, but WTF, it’s almost my bedtime.)

It occurs to me, as it does from time-to-time, that most really BAD — epically bad — political ideas are born of impatience. It’s like Silent Cal was purported to have said on his from-time-to-time occasions, if five problems are rolling down the road at you (and I always picture wild automobile tires doing this — steel-belted radials, not on rims, or a car, just the tires), four of them are going to bounce off into the ditch before they get to you. So if you get all steamy in the silks for the problem — really horny to (you know) don’t just stand there; do something: anything, even if it’s wrong — the chances are you’re really, really gonna fuck it up, and they get worse (or better, depending) the earlier you spot the problem and act on it.

And it strikes me that the contention “We’re not gonna vote our way out of this” and its corrollary, “The only solution [I can see] is armed sectarian conflict in the streets,” are born of both impatience and a very short conceptual timeline. Political change takes time. We didn’t get into this mess in one election cycle, we’re not getting out of it in one — or even four. It’s gonna take at least the same century it took to get here to get back.

But you sure as hell ain’t gonna win if you quit at the start.

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