It Needs to be Said

AND EVEN GOOGLE-BOMBED if you can: Frank Lautenberg is a traitor. He swore an oath to God to defend the Constitution, and here he is — again — seeking to eviscerate one of its key provisions. He is making war on the People and Constitution of the United States, and deserves to be hanged by the neck until dead, dead, dead.

And, no, the whole “living document” booshwa won’t fly, here. You can’t say that the Framers didn’t anticipate a time when liberty would be under assault from within and without, when the state has become so large and overweening as to threaten the very life of the Republic, when hordes of unelected bureaucrats — operating beyond the law most thoroughly — have more say over the life and means of the ordinary citizen than any king ever did, when every act of the government militates against the prosperity of the nation. You can’t say that, because they did. And, because they did, they formed the Constitution as they did.

The only shame is that they depended too much on the moral fiber of men of power and the nation at large. What they might have failed to apprehend is that so few (merely two thirds of the people, and not the whole) should object.

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