It May Not Be

TERMINAL STUPIDITY. Apparently, the upcoming NRA convention will be a disarmed victim zone. NRA has / had the option to allow weapons carry within the venue and (it seems) chose not to.

Happens I have some small expertise in this realm and might suggest that folk going off half-cocked maybe simmer down a bit.

NRA may have made a strategic decision.

That is: a wise husbanding of limited resources.

You see, any public gathering of any size is required to carry insurance. There are all sorts of items to be insured, too. Liability is an obvious one. But there are also performance bonds, insurance against weather events, and more other possibilities than you’d care to imagine.

But, as you might imagine, it’s not cheap. Conversely, with millions of dollars and thousands of lives on the line in ticket sales and expenses, participants and attractions, it’s cheap-at-twice-the-price.

And I would bet that the actuaries at the insurance companies take a dim view of the liability implications of allowing attendees at a public, mass-attendance event. Might even look on it as a species of insanity and refuse to cover under any circumstances.

It’s a relatively small market, with limited numbers of lines. If you get blacklisted, you can’t get insurance. No insurance, you can’t get the venue. That’s just how it works.

They may never say, but it’s entirely possible that the promoters of the event — whether in-house at NRA or hired — heh-heh — guns — made a unilateral decision based purely on the ability to get insurance, without reference to the rights issue.

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