It Is To Laugh

HOW DID OBAMACARE GET SO SCREWED UP? Goes the headline. It is to laff.

Back when I did peer tech support on CompuServe, we had this cynical acronym for the times when the customers called something a bug and the engineers called it a feature. We said the program was Broken As Designed. B.A.D. (I coined that acronym, BTW.)

Obamacare isn’t screwed up. The Left has had seventy years and more to get socialized medicine right. If it’s not working exactly as designed, it’s just one more nail in the coffin of central planning. But I don’t think it is screwed up. I think it is fulfilling its purpose — to force the existing system to break down beyond repair, and to foreclose all alternatives to single-state-payer “health care.”

It’s not screwed up. It’s B.A.D.

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