It Bears Repeating

I THINK THAT folk on both sides of the question of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming refer to it as a matter of belief.

And then they want to argue the science.

Sorry, folks. Science is not a matter for belief. The very word means “knowing”. It is a method for apprehending the world. There’s no belief in it.

Me, I know — as best as can be known — that there’s no way that anybodyknows for certain what the temperature of the atmosphere is, has been, or will be. Ever. Let alone to within a margin of error substantially less than the claimed rate of change. If you do not know a the value of a variable scalar, then you cannot establish its vector. If you do not know the absolute value, even (let alone the sign), you certainly cannot establish a value for a delta — let alone its sign.

This is not advanced or esoteric. It is very basic. Elementary.

All of which assumes that the average temperature of so large and complex a system is a meaningful figure.

When someone wishes to thrust a matter of belief on you and claims it is a matter of science, you may rest assured that their intent is fraudulent.

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