Is David Horowitz Out


Referring to what?

This item at NRO, entitled “Obama Derangement Syndrome,” in which he asserts that the drive to force Obama to demonstrate his bona fides as a “natural born citizen” is a “fringe effort,” “tantamount to… seditio[n],” and argues that “64 million voters be [would be] disenfranchised.”

Well, in a word, no.

Now, I understand that David is a red diaper baby and had his Road to Damascus moment relatively recently. But I would submit that he has a bit farther to go in his conversion to conservation-of-liberty principles and the understanding thereof if he thinks that, because a man may have cheated to win the presidency, it is illegitimate to demand that he face the charges of cheating. And this isn’t even a matter of a trumped-up charge. The Constitution lists among the qualifications for the office of President, one must be a “natural born” citizen. There are various codicils to this in the statutes, I’m told.

Children born of full citizen parents (two) born overseas (while FCP2 are there in the service of the country — military or State Department folk, mostly) are grandfathered in. Children of FCP2 born in American territories (but outside the states), such as the Panama Canal Zone (or, for that matter, Hawaii pre-statehood), are grandfathered in. Qualifications for dual-citizen parents are a bit trickier. Obama’s mother did not qualify at the time of his birth — she had not been a citizen long enough (the requirement is ten years as an adult). His father was in no way an American citizen. So, if Barry was not, indeed, born in Hawaii, as he asserts, he is not qualified.

Them’s The Rules, they say.

And that’s what conservation-of-libertiness is all about: you gotta follow The Rules. We just fought a major court battle, with many more to come, in an attempt to force the various government entities in this country to play by The Rules. Why, then, should this provision of The Rules be tossed aside on anybody’s say-so? Especially when all that’s necessary to dispose of the canard — if such it is — is for Barry to throw down with an authentic birth certificate (or reasonable facsimile thereof)?

I mean … who was it that said, “It’s never the crime, it’s always the cover-up?” Trying to hide what ought to be made public as a matter of course only raises suspicions that there’s a there there. Lay. It. To. Rest. Pony up.

As for the witless assertion that, should Barry’s bona fides be found insufficient, that would amount to those insisting on the following of The Rules amounts to a disenfranchisement of all those folk who voted for Obama…

Who do — who do you think you’re fooling?

Seems to me that the guilty party here is the one who committed the fraud in the first place, not the ones who caught him at it.

Gib mir ein break!

I really don’t think there’s much to this. Or, at least, didn’t until all the hysterical arm-waving started up. Now, my spidey sense is tingling to beat the band, and the more this is resisted, the louder it tingles.

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