Interestingly Enough There Are

PARTS OF THIS DOMAIN which I do not visit all that often. Or maybe that’s not interesting at all to you. Whichever. Mox nix. I was, however, suprised to receive in the eMail Tuesday a statement from Amazon Associates program that I have a balance. Not big enough, mind, to get a check. That has to meet a $100 minimum. But a balance nevertheless. A pleasant surprise.

And, it occurs to me, that I should maybe plug this program a little bit.

If you scroll up and look to the right, you’ll see a thing in the right column, there. A thing. A Library Thing, as a matter of fact. What it is is it is a catalog of the books in my personal library. It is, at the moment — for right now — incomplete, as the bulk of my library has been boxed up in storage for going on five years, now. A budgetary thing, y’see…

But the linkages go to Amazon. Where you can buy the books in question, should you be moved to be of so a mind. And part of the money goes to Library Thing, for the maintenance of the service and the good deeds they do, and part of it goes to me. In that balance I can’t quite get at until it hits the minimum.

It’s a small thing. And we here at BTB are hardly unique, as every second or third blog on the block has an Amazon Thing of some sort, and nobody expects to make a lot of money from it. But it’s there. And it’s considered a kindness to hit it when you can and are so moved.

That’s all. Just thought you should know.

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