Interesting Synchronicty

I JUST RECENTLY DISCOVERED The Mad Genius Club and Sarah Hoyt. (Where has she been?) Writes muscular women. Check. Space Opera. Check. A Heinlein fan. Check. What’s not to like. Shame I’m broke, or I’d order Dark Ship Thieves on the spot.

And then she gets Instalanched whilst guest-blogging at Classical Values. And links to an essay at YA blog: The Lensman’s Children. (Wasn’t there a book in the E.E. “Doc” Smith series called Children of the Lens?)

(OMG, yes! I was just goofing, but there really was.)

And about right now all I have to add is: Go. Read. Enjoy.

She seems worried about the loss of mindspace among left-leaning types. It might be a Good Thing for her to get wuffies from Folk In The Right.

Update: I just discovered that Sean also has had the pleasure of hosting a posting by Ms. Hoyt. Also, worth the read.

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