ASSERTS here that networks of CCTV cameras are a waste, presumably of money, time, resources, and so-on. I most fervently agree.

But I would go further…

Don’t you always?

Usually. I’m a fundamentalist — a radical, if you will — in that I like to get to the root [the root of radical is the Latin radix, meaning root — GFD] of the matter.

…further, in that I would argue that — beyond a certain minimum — MOST money spent on police resources is a waste. Things done in public for public consumption but to little good effect.

Perhaps paradoxically, the best policing effort is the cop on the beat — someone who knows the local citizenry and is known by them, and can spot a miscreant a mile off. Just as the vendor in the Times Square incident did — by being intimate with the territory. We could probably solve and/or prevent a lot of crime by converting all the pretty headquarters buildings and official brass hats to shoe leather on the street.

It’s an approach Glenn should know well.

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