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A PROBLEM — one of many — with electronic distribution of intellectual property that prevents me from EVER trusting a purely electronic product. Seems Amazon associates were selling pirated eBooks to Kindle users. Amazon sent out ‘bots which deleted the pirated content from users’ Kindles. Oh, and refunded their purchase price.

Which, without regard to sneakwrap licenses, still smacks of theft to me. Of course, I have learned not to ever allow vendor access to my property. They may have less regard for mine than for theirs, or than that I have for either.

Awhile back, I had a substantial library of (legally) downloaded MP3s. I lost the hard drive on which it resided. I had other copies — on an MP3 player (a Dell DJ), among others — but could not access them to restore my main library because they were all “rights protected” as copies.

I resolved then, and see no reason not to break this, that I will never buy downloaded music again. I want a physical copy, which I will make electronic if I so desire.

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